One of the nice things about loving watches is to have friends, to share the hobby with.
With no one else, one can have discussions about details, as with another watch collector.
Unfortunately most people I know live far, or even very far away, but I still manage to see some during traveling, or when they are visiting Europe. Last Friday I met a good friend from Asia, during his trip through Europe and we arranged lunch in a little restaurant in Paris.

While we talked, I made some pictures, but please pardon me for the quality.
Some are really dark and off color.

There is always much to discuss after a long period, but the main topic is always about watches. I immediately noticed the curved shapes of the watch under his cuff, a model where many Cartier fans are really interested in.

The watch had a very vintage looking strap, custom made by Jean Rousseau, which gave it a much better look, then the alligator strap that came with it.


Looking at he watch from above, the case shows it’s incredible form, it’s like a Dali painting, with the long stretched numbers on the dial. What unfortunately is not visible on these pics, is the very curved crystal, a miracle how that is made, so curved and bizarre shaped. The first Crash models had London on the dial, since the model was created at first by the London Boutique, the later versions have Paris on the dial.


The last series of Crash watches was a launch of 13 pieces, made for the re-opening of the Rue de la Paix Store in 2005.  And since then only a few special orders, that are hard to track, have been produced. I have seen white gold, pink gold and also diamond versions, but unfortunately I have no information about these watches.


The watch looked very cool on the wrist, although we both agreed that it would be
absolutely great if Cartier one day decides to do a new limited release of Crash watches in a slightly wider case, in order to give room for a wider strap and more butch look on the wrist.


It’s a wish many collectors have and it has been discussed many times too.
No let’s see if passion can win from commerce. A larger Crash with London on the dial, would be the ultimate watch for the die hards.
Limited edition of 50 pieces, what do you think gentlemen?


While we kept mostly talking about the Crash, I looked at the buckle of another watch.
It’s the buckle of the Santos Dumont 1913, that was launched in 2004. A really well done re-issue of one of the early models.


IMHO This small Dumont model, with it’s faceted glass, Breguet hands and lacquered dial,  and special buckle, was one of the best re-issus Cartier did, since the last 10 years.


It was released in a limited edition of 100 pieces in yellow gold.
Since a long time and within the CPCP collection it is even the only watch that had
a NON adjustable strap.  So for every watch, a strap had to be specially ordered from the atelier, to have it fit the wrist of the owner. This actually was in the early years, the normal way of procedure.



On the inside of he strap, one notices immediately that there is no part of the strap,
that needs to be folded back.

and this is the buckle that’s on one side adjustable; the buckle that has been used for many many years now. In my opinion the very best buckle Cartier ever had.

All watches in the new “Fine Watch Making line” (or “Collection Haute Horlogerie”)
have a new buckle, that is adjustable on two sides and that probably will be the new
standard for all new collections to come.
It’s actually the same idea as the way the strap of a Santos 100, or Roadster closes.
Both ends of the strap are equal and adjusting can be done on the left and on the right side.

The Two Time zone Tank Cintree


This version of theTank Cintrée Double Fuseaux, was the limited edition for Hong Kong in 2004. Great to seeing these two colors next to each other, they were released in 100 pieces
in white- and 100 pieces in pink gold.

All together it was great meeting and seeing each other again, catch up and share our insights on some of the most amazing watches Cartier ever created (within their CPCP collection).



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