Watch rolls are an important and very useful item to have around when traveling with a few watches. Some time ago I wrote an article about these cases and mentioned the various options. Since then new cases have been released by Gucci, Todds and others, actually all quite similar and as beautiful as the ones that were already on the market.Dunhill Watch Roll Side viewThe problem that I always have with these watch rolls, is the fact that it is hard to get one watch out of the case, especially when it is the one that sits in the middle. The whole insert needs to be taken out and the one on the side, needs to be taken of the roll first, before the watch in the middle can be reached. Dunhill improved their own case and presented this year a new model that beats the competition completely. Dunhill Watch Roll OpenThe British mens luxury brand really did some investigation on how people use these cases and on how to improve it. When I saw their product in the window of the Dunhill Boutique in Paris, I was caught by the looks of the leather and went inside, to have a closer look. As soon as I opened the buckle and lifted the leather flap, it became clear that this is a serious case. Three watch pillows, next to each other, were inside the case, to make the handling of your watches a lot easier.Dunhill Watch RollThe inside dimensions are large enough to store even three 44mm Panerai watches, but give of course also a perfect home to your Oysters, Tanks or other time pieces. The quality and finishing of the case is top notch. A thick soft tanned calf leather on the outside and a velvet kinda ligning on the inside. The travel case comes in dark brown leather, or a lighter version in two tone. Open Watch Roll DunhillWatch Roll DunhillThe price in the EU is 350.- Euro. General information about Dunhill can be found at their website at, but this case are, at the time of my writing, not yet added to the Dunhill website yet.


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