I have to confess, when Yacine Sar, Urwerk’s Manager de Press, showed me  the proto types of the UR106 for ladies, last January, I was drooling. Urwerk had never made a ladies watch and while not very small, this is the first one made for the opposite sex. It was back in 2005, when I bought my own UR103, one of the earlier models with that amazing U shaped mineral glass. For me it was like StarWars and after all those years, of seeing the rotating satellites, the watch has’nt bored me at all. Since then more models followed within the UR103 series and the Urwerk collection started to grow also with more complicated timepieces, like the UR201, the first watch with one of the coolest features for a mechanical watch, an oil meter to warn the owner, when it is time for the watch to be serviced. Click to read the article that I wrote for Fratello-Watches.


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