My previous article about the Apple Watch, ‘Choosing The Right Size Apple Watch’ delivered me a few not very friendly mails. Some readers were wondering, why I was turning my back to the Swiss Watch Industry after all those years, by promoting this inferior quartz product by Apple.

Let me start in saying that any well known watch journalist, that has not written about the Apple Watch yet, is an Industry groupie working for a censored Blog and not worth reading at all. The major Blogs that count, like HODINKY, FRATELLO-WATCHES, WATCHESbySJX and ABLOGTOWATCH all shared their valued opinions and each Blog even had three to four extended articles about this hot product.

After all the Press is there to inform you about important developments in the Watch world. The Apple Watch is such a highly successful and a well made product, that it can not be ignored! It is in the 400.- Euro price range and is no competition at all for the Swiss Industry. Apple Hermes WatchIn the meantime Luxury Brand Hermes teamed up with Apple and the result is a stunning cult watch, with a selection of Hermes straps and dials, that will find its way to the high end consumer market. But still this Hermes product, that cost more than twice of what Apple is charging, does’nt have a price that gets you a decent Swiss Watch. So where’s all the fuss about?

The Apple Watch is a cool gadget to have next to your Rolex, Omega, Cartier or Longines.  It’s new, it’s great, it’s fun and if you like it or not, it’s here to stay and only some Japanese brands, like f.i. Casio may suffer from the new competitor and these are brands where I have never written about. Whether you see it as a watch or not, doesn’t even matter, you do not even need to like it, but you should be informed! Now let’s get to the watch.

AppleWatchAppleStrapFrom the beginning, there were lots of remarks about the way the Apple Watch manages its power and the problem that the watch needs to be charged, actually every end of the day. Here is room for improvement, but it also depends on how the watch is used. But it’s true, that when the apps of the watch are used very often during the day, it will need a charge before or when you go to bed. I do not use it constantly and mine runs almost two days. timeShould you be on a trip, with the Apple Watch as your only time piece, don’t worry, when it needs to be charged, it may not get you a fresh cappuccino anymore, but it still gives you the exact time, like any other watch (picture above). And incase you end up on a sailboat without electricity to charge your watch, don’t worry, you can keep on sailing for two more weeks, since that’s what it takes, before you will see this screen. ChargingAnd then it really is time to find a power power point.

In the meantime the Apple Watch got it’s first software upgrade, so a good reason to explain, why I bought mine in the first place and how I use and wear the watch, next to my regular timepiece. Since the ‘Apple Macintosh Performa’ of the eighties, I am a huge Apple fan and I even flew to New York to get the first iPhone in 2007. That first phone needed to be tweaked in order to be able to work in Europe. Apple was the first, or one of the first companies to release their digital organisers (Newton), digital camera (Apple Quick Take) and the legendary MP3 player (iPod). Products that changed our live styles. I expect that the Apple Watch will have a future, that just needs to be followed very closely and I am convinced the whole industry does. That was actually the main reason of my purchase, the fun of what it is able to do now and the curiosity what it will do next. I think every user will find a different way to use it. PassportWhen I use it most is, when I am travelling. I hate to take my watch off, when I am going thru security and with an Apple Watch I do not mind and besides that, it stores my boarding passes, in Passbook. I only have to show my wrist to the scanner and the security doors open. Almost science fiction. Since OS2, the watch has a night stand and can function as a clock. Pretty neat, but I rather wear it when I sleep.AppleWatchShould I want to check the time in the middle of the night, I do not even need to grab my reading glasses; I just tap on the screen and I see the big digits, telling me that I can dream on, another five hours or so.

So that’s basically why I got mine and why I like to wear it quite often, but never instead of my mechanical Cartier, Rolex or what’s so ever, so I hope that clears up!


The Apple’s Watch and Why I Got Mine! — 9 Comments

  1. Nice review George! I’m also an Apple addict and wear my Apple watch daily. I don’t leave my house without it. People with negative feelings about the watch, obviously never have worn one. Keep up your nice reviews. I love reading them.

    • Thank you Jeff! It is my every day fun too. But I can imagine that people who are really into watches,
      are getting irritated; may be we should see it as a multy purpose device, instead of a watch.

  2. The negative ones probably told in 1986 that the first IBM machines with 20Mb had no future and that the internet was a one day fly. They will always shoot at pioniers and messengers. Thank you George for telling us your experience with the watch, although till now I dont have one.

    • One will always shoot at pioniers, you’re right, very well said.
      Remember how people looked at Apple when the first Mac’s was released,
      at the end Apple gets everything right.

  3. When asked, to my female nurse friend with a 38 mm Apple Watch in Rose gold nonetheless, I asked if she ever wished for a bigger screen? Further providing my comment – A bigger screen is a bigger target to break right? 38 seems more sleek and less bulky. Do you concur?

    Her response: for me the appearance on the wrist was more paramount rather than function. Personally, the jewelry side of the Apple watch marriage is the one that wears the pants. the 42mm looks really handsome on my husbands wrist so he gets the best of both worlds…which is status quo for men. I have Apple care so the damage would be minimal and its pretty durable and I don’t baby it.

    My Response: Damn that’s a hell of a review. I couldn’t have written it better myself. You should post that.

    Her Response: Post it!

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