Audemars Piguet has its Gerald Genta designed Royal Oak. A steel watch/steel bracelet model with automatic caliber which is highly praised by the watch incrowd. Patek Philippe has its counterpart, the Nautilus, also designed by Gerald Genta and sharing that same concept of a steel case / steel bracelet and automatic movement. Similarly, since 1978, Cartier has the automatic Santos with steel case and bracelet, a different league but quite a breakthrough since it was the brand’s first steel watch and, to this day, remains in the collection. All are icons with a similar concept and have remained extremely popular throughout the years. There is however another watch that deserves to be mentioned in this small, exclusive line up of high end brands, automatic movement and steel case & bracelet watches. It fits the exact characteristics, however… it has been withdrawn from the collection; Click to read my article for RevoOnline about this amazing watch.


Piaget Upstream; The Almost Forgotten Steel Icon — No Comments

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