Magazines, papers and blogs are overloaded these days with articles and information about the new Apple Watch. Almost everything has been said in the mean time and there is not really a lot more to add, at this moment and just a few weeks before the first software update wil be out, which is expected in September. But an overlooked and quite an important decision to make, when purchasing the Apple Watch is the size of the watch and that’s all where this article is about. Most Stores will tell you that men buy the 42mm and that women usually go for the 38mm. But this is of course nonsenss and you really have to give yourself enough time, to feel both sizes on your wrist.Wristshot AppleWatch– The 38mm model on the wrist –

The Apple watch is available in the two sizes, that refer directly to the standard dimensions, the Watch Industry is using for round watches. But the Apple watch is not round and it looks and wears completely different on the wrist, than a round watch. Personally I don’t like my watches to be too large and I want a watch to be able to fit under the cuff of my shirt.

Pictured here is an 38mm round watch, together with the 38mm Apple watch to give an idea of the size of the smaller Apple Watch.AppleWatchGenta– Both 38mm watches – 

For my 18cm wrist the 38mm Apple Watch was ideal, end of story!  Of course I tried the 42mm and even several times, just to make sure and I must say that it did work, also on my wrist. But it did not look as good and was not as comfortable as the 38mm, at least not on my wrist, especially since the 38mm still shows some parts of the strap, when you’re looking at the dial. But this is very personal.  Now you may think that the larger screen is a lot easier to work with. This is only partly true and the difference in handeling is minimal. With my large fingers I could easily hit the small  icons on the screen, when choosing another App and I hardly hit the wrong one. Crown– Apple’s often discussed Crown, very well located in the beautiful constructed case –

It was hardly easier on the 42mm. So that should not be the reason for choosing the 42mm. The only drawback of the 38mm model is the fact that the best strap (or band) in the collection, the ‘Leather Loop’  is not available for this size. Hopefully Apple will produce the ‘Leather Loop’  in the near future for both sizes.

It could very well be that the Industrial designer Marc Newson had some influence on the design of the Apple Watch. When we look at the work Marc Newson did for the cult brand IKEPOD and the way the Apple Watch with its collection of strap possibilities looks like, one could think that Newson was involved. 1) One thing is clear, Apple’s brilliant head of design, Jonathan Ive, is not only an excellent designer himself, but he is also a great Art Director with a good nose, for excellent people to work with, to come to the best possible solution. No matter what people say about what the Apple Watch is at this stage and what it is able to do today, the only thing that counts at the end is the fact that this watch is only he beginning of a new product, that looks and feels amazing and that only will become better.

For a really excellent technical review on just the steel bracelet Apple Watch, I refer to the article written by SJX that you can find HERE and another great and more general article, that tells you all about the Apple Watch, by Ben Clymer of Hodinkee, that you can find HERE. Both articles go deep into the technical aspects of the Apple Watch.

So have fun picking the right Apple Watch AppleWatchAdidas– The red sign indicates that the iPhone is off or out of reach –

and don’t forget that choosing the right size, might be even more important than picking the right model and strap combination. Apple has always been the king of accessories but if you prefer something different than the Apple straps and bracelets, you will find loads of accessories and exotic leather straps by third parties, to pimp up your Apple Watch. We found this really cool Webshop  of ‘Black Forest Atelier’ in Vietnam, that has a gorgeous collection of straps, made to order for your Apple Watch, that will set yours apart from the rest.

1) In the meantime it is confirmed that Marc Newson is for a great part responsible for the development of the Apple watch, since he recently joined Jonathan Ive’s team. Yve and Newson both have all the relations in the world of Industrial Design and I am sure we can expect fireworks from this team in the near future.


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