Few weeks ago I had watch meeting with one of my watch friends, from Asia.
Since he was visiting Europe, we had a chance to meet again in Paris.
I always arrive early, when going to Paris and took the tube to Place Vendome first.

There is always much to see at this gorgeous square, although there are many renovations, since last year.  A couple of flagship stores are renovating like Dior and Hublot, but the Louis Vuitton Boutique finally opened this Summer.


Travelling with watches is always a bit of a challange, but these watch rols that are made
by many different brands, are quite convenient.
This one, from the Santos series, was unfortunately available very shortly and is the best
watch roll that was ever available on the market, since it has two short rolls inside,
while all the other brands, I know, have just one long roll.


So when one needs the watch in the middle, the whole roll needs to be removed and
the watch left or right, needs first to be taken off first.


When we were finished with the dessert, the table was finally empty for the watches.


While on the wrist was an XL Tortue in pink gold. Gorgeous large watch with a movement by Jeager le Coultre.

CartierTortueThe watch is expected to be launched again, with a small complication added. Stay tuned.

Cartier and MovadoI had brought the ‘by Movado, for Cartier produced’, Ermeto pocket watch with me. The watch was completely serviced and restored this Summer. You can find the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures and story HERE The watch is from 1932 and runs perfectly again, after it was restored and serviced.


The Tank Basculante is a very special Cartier Tank, that originally dates back to 1932,
these early models were called Tank Réversible, or Cabriolet Reversible.
I had never seen this yellow gold model in the flash and was impressed by the feel and the weight  of the watch, very different from the steel version.
It’s currently not in the collection, but icons like this will come and go and I am sure we will see it again in the future. The watch is often compared the Reverso by Jeager Le Coultre, that was originally launched in 1931, but the construction of the case, is completely different and the case of the Tank Basculante is also a lot thinner.
Franco Cologni wrote in his book The Tank Watch, that between 1991 and 1994 only 413 pieces were produced.

Tank-BasculanteBasculante back

Most Tank Basculante models, especially the steel models have a closed back, that can be used for an inscription, family wapon or monogram. The Collection Privée model had a nice round display window the view the Frederique Piguet manual movement and there has been a steel limited edition model, with that round display window.

Cartier cufflinks

Cufflinks not the main subject here, but still always an interesting subject among collectors.
On the table a few vintage pieces like the Etrier (or Stirrup), Panthere and the Pasha links,
but also some new pieces from the current collection like the the Onyx sculpted links,
Santos links with blue cabuchon and the Cheetah head links, from the 2011/2012 collection. The Onyx sculpted links are very smart IMHO and are actually a re-edition of the vintage model  that was made in yellow gold.



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