Cartier icons like the Tank- and the Santos watch are well known around the globe.
There is however one other ‘object’ in Cartier’s collection, that really also deserves the title icon; the LOVE bracelet. The butch and perky looking bracelet, that is worn by men and women alike.


When renowned jewellery designer, Aldo Cipullo, who passed away in 1984, designed the bracelet for Cartier New York in 1969, he probably had no idea that the piece would become such a hit world wide and in the early years, especially in the US. During the first years the bracelet was only available in yellow gold, while later on a white gold and a platinum version, were added to the collection.


A pink gold version with diamonds, a limited edition of 300 pieces for the 150th. anniversary of Cartier, was introduced in 1997 and was sold out instantly during the event.

The bracelet can only be opened by the supplied screwdriver to put it on or to take it off,
but a normal slotted screwdriver with the right size, does the job too, in case of an ’emergency’.


The ring, matching cufflinks and earrings for ladies, became available in 1982, while  the absolute stunning cufflinks, are unfortunately retired now and I do not understand why these fantastic links are not re-released in pink gold to match all the pink gold watches that are in the collection right now and in white gold, to compliment the white gold LOVE bracelet, that is preferred by men.

The ring however, became also very popular and is a available in a thinner version too.
Like the bracelet the ring is available in white -, yellow – or pink gold, plus the various  diamond set versions.

The bracelet was and is quite often used by couples, as a wedding bracelet;
Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton were actually one of the first couples, that used it for their marriage,  Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw consecrated their on- and off-screen romance with Cartier. Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti bound themselves together with Love for a lifetime, but I see also lots of young people around me, where only one partner wears one.
When worn a bit tight, the bracelet is absolute masculine looking, very comfortable,
fits under a cuffed shirt and even more important, does not touch the desk (or keyboard) ,
when writing.

Celebrities like  Kenny Rogers, Elton John, Larry King, Rick James, Tina Turner, Quincy Jones, Edison Chen, and many others have often been seen wearing the bracelet.


This bracelet was the start and still is the centre piece of the extensive LOVE collection.
Many different LOVE items have come and gone since 1969, from cufflinks to collar pins,
but the strong concept of the bracelet and ring, are still getting the most attention.

Like the ‘Trinity bracelet’ for ladies, the unisex ‘LOVE bracelet’ is another icon that can’t be ignored. Especially now when bracelets for men are hot and so many guys wear a simple leather or elephant hear bracelet, the Love bracelet is another world. It’s simplicity and time less design can be worn every day.



The Best Men’s Bracelet Ever; by Aldo Cipullo for Cartier — 2 Comments

  1. Fantastic write-up on the iconic Love Bracelet and great photos to illustrate the beauty and simplicity of the timeless iconic jewel.

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